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Machinery Moving Services

Our professionals have the necessary expertise and years of dedication to moving all types of industrial equipment with ease through the use of forklifts, air-ride trucks, high capacity cranes and trailers. The dedicated Simi Valley Machinery Movers can tackle any project!

Our Simi Valley professionals are dedicated to providing you with efficient commercial moving and rig services for all industrial needs. We can pick up, move and install your equipment all across the United States or just here within Simi Valley, and always at a lower price than other companies. We always use only state-of-the-art equipment, such as forklifts, air-ride trucks and trailers, cranes and more, to ensure that your machinery is transported safely and carefully each and every time.

Laboratory Equipment Moving

The professionals of Simi Valley Machinery Moving can handle moving even the most delicate of medical or scientific laboratory equipment, ensuring that your machinery stays safe and intact at all times. No other machinery movers in Southern California can say that!

For twenty years we have been the most trusted name when it comes to moving laboratory equipment in Simi Valley. We take special care to ensure that even the most sensitive and fragile machines are handled with care during even an across town move. Sensitivity is key in these moves, and we strive to be just that!

Long Haul Transportation

Our professionals have the necessary skills to package and transport your heavy machinery throughout Simi Valley, throughout California and even internationally, all with the same dedication to minimal downtime.

Our professionals have the resources and the knowledge necessary to transport industrial equipment domestically and internationally. With our fleet of state-of-the-art equipment we are prepared to help relocate your equipment with the utmost care wherever it is that you need to be relocated to, and no matter the weight of the machinery. Simi Valley movers can handle the lightest and most delicate equipment, to nearly 100 tons of heavy duty industrial machinery all with the same safety measure in mind.

Machine Assembly/Disassembly

The professionals of Simi Valley Machinery Movers can even help to disassemble your heavy equipment for relocation, and reassemble at your new operational site with ease.

Our staff can disassemble your machines with caution, perform the relocation of your equipment and even assemble and erect your machine in your new Simi Valley location with ease. No matter how sensitive or fragile the machine we can take care of all processes involved so that your move is simple and easy. We can even offer inspection services to ensure that your machinery is up and running as it should be so that you can get back to business quickly.

Custom Crating and Packaging

Simi Valley Machinery Movers are dedicated to providing our clients with custom crating and packaging options to ensure that equipment and machinery are protected in transit at all times.

Simi Valley custom packaging and crating is also available from our professional staff. We specialize in solutions that will help provide shock resistance and keep out the moisture while your equipment is in transit, no matter how sensitive it may be. This is just another way we are dedicated to ensuring that your move is a success and that your equipment stays protected and intact at all times.

Turn-Key Facility Relocation

The Simi Valley Machinery Movers are skilled at establishing unique control and management processes for relocation of industrial and commercial industries.

Our professionals have created unique methods of transporting plant and industrial relocations that help to reduce downtime and transport all your items with caution. Through a smaller machinery removal and installation company we can quickly remove and relocate even the largest of turn-key facilities with ease.

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